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Re: [APD] CO2 venturi designs

Cool, Tom. I wasn't lodging a criticism of your CO2
hypothesis, your principles of CO2-mixer design, or your
methods in general. I was only making a point about the
Kent Venturis and their applicability with low pressure
pumps. I have a couple in the "graveyard" in the basement.

Keep doing the voodoo that you do so well, ;-) And I mean
that in a nice way,

--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Scott et al, the point about the venturi is that we
> already know how to set up a simple ventrui that has a
> flow through a tube.
> The venturi loop on the DIY reactor I designed many years
> ago can be adapted to the external reactor and simply
> drilling a 3/16" hole and feeding this from about 1/3
> from the top of the reactor out to the end of the spray
> bar, right before it goes into the tank and adding
> another hole with an inlet for the venturi, can easily be
> done.
> This will purge the Reactor later in the day, while also
> adding lots of mist.
> If you modify the rigid air line tubing  acertain way,
> you can get excellent fine bubbles from this and there
> are no leaks and still nothing inside the tank.
> Placing the spray bar down low so the flow goes evenly up
> through the plants is wise anyway.
> This will improve both circulation, as well as CO2
> distribution.
> Anyone can modify their External reactor in this manner.
> Mike had a decline of 0.3pH units with no other changes,
> an increase of roughly 15-25% in O2 levels and they
> started building faster after the lights were turned on(1
> vs 3-4 hours).
> He had his reactor in the sump.
> Additionally,
> I've designed a little CO2 bubble counter resevior
> reactor feed for a venturi set up.
> Small, works well, works on outflow pipes(canisters,
> return pumps etc) and there is nothing else like it.
>  It just hangs on the tank, no splicing of the canister
> tubing etc, you just add a small 3/16" hole and feed the
> CO2 into the small reservior.
> The venturi sucks the gas out of this in a fine mist.
> Unlike the venturi designs for skimmers, this design is
> focused on MUCH smaller volumes of gas. Skimmers needs
> lots of gas, we do not unless we have a huge tank.
> This thing is also small, external and cheap(5$, 10-15$
> if you make it out nice materials).
> There is NO HEAD pressure drop.
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr
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