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Re: [APD] FL endcap question

Not to pick on Bill, who is a knowledgeable fellow and a
great aquatic hobbyist, but simply to add to the
discussion, I offer this:

Electrical tape gets very messy when exposed to a lot of
heat in excess of about 100F, such as at the ends of bulbs.
IN fact Age alone makes the adhesive get rather gooey (even
the good 3M stuff) but heat speads up the process.
Personally, I don't like to use the tape for anything if I
don't have to. For that reason I wouldn't recommend it for
use in hot locations.

As a kludge it might help keep moisture away from the pins.
However, I would rely on it less for water protection than
the so-called waterproof endcaps with bulbs they fit.

If it was me, and I didn't want to change the endcaps, I'd
probably try some 2-to-1 heat-shrink tubing, such as, for
example, this stuff:


The 2" stuff might fit over the endcap. Where it covers the
endcap, I'd heat it slowly with hot-air gun rather than a
flame and do it with a bulb in place. Since this stuff
shrinks at about 190+ degrees F, the heat from the bulb
shouldn't affect the shrinking.


--- william ruyle <inquartata at comcast_net> wrote:

> Folks on the cheap simply wrap electricians tape around
> the ends to shim 
> up to 12/8ths.
> A nod to Mr. Nguyen who suggested this some time ago.

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