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Re: [APD] pH controller

On 9/27/05, Terry Barber <terbarb at alltel_net> wrote:
> What models and brands of pH controller do you like?  I know , not really
> necessary but I want to geek around with one for awhile (one that works
> well).

I have a Milwaukee that works well.  I calibrate it once a month and
only once in the last 10 months have I seen it be off, and then only
by 0.1 units.  You are right that it isn't necessary, but it does
satisfy that geek impules not to mention the fact that it gives you a
feeling of "added assurance" until you are completely comfortable with
bubbles per minute and CO2 in general.  I won't put one on another
system but am happy that I bought this one.


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