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[APD] CO2 venturi designs

Scott et al, the point about the venturi is that we already know how to set up a simple ventrui that has a flow through a tube.
The venturi loop on the DIY reactor I designed many years ago can be adapted to the external reactor and simply drilling a 3/16" hole and feeding this from about 1/3 from the top of the reactor out to the end of the spray bar, right before it goes into the tank and adding another hole with an inlet for the venturi, can easily be done.
This will purge the Reactor later in the day, while also adding lots of mist.
If you modify the rigid air line tubing  acertain way, you can get excellent fine bubbles from this and there are no leaks and still nothing inside the tank.
Placing the spray bar down low so the flow goes evenly up through the plants is wise anyway.
This will improve both circulation, as well as CO2 distribution.
Anyone can modify their External reactor in this manner.
Mike had a decline of 0.3pH units with no other changes, an increase of roughly 15-25% in O2 levels and they started building faster after the lights were turned on(1 vs 3-4 hours).
He had his reactor in the sump.
I've designed a little CO2 bubble counter resevior reactor feed for a venturi set up.
Small, works well, works on outflow pipes(canisters, return pumps etc) and there is nothing else like it.
 It just hangs on the tank, no splicing of the canister tubing etc, you just add a small 3/16" hole and feed the CO2 into the small reservior.
The venturi sucks the gas out of this in a fine mist.
Unlike the venturi designs for skimmers, this design is focused on MUCH smaller volumes of gas. Skimmers needs lots of gas, we do not unless we have a huge tank.
This thing is also small, external and cheap(5$, 10-15$ if you make it out nice materials).
There is NO HEAD pressure drop.
Tom Barr

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