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[APD] What Did Clear for Life Say About the Scratches?

I just got back from Clear for Life. Clear for Life says that all of 
their acrylic products look like that. Indeed, after pulling some 
product from the shelf at the retailer (an overflow), it shows the same 
thing. Clear for Life was firm in insisting that they would not polish 
it to see if that helped, nor would they offer any other assistance. The 
owner, Alan, told me that acrylic is "just like a car with all the 
swirls from polishing." They were not rude or obnoxious, just firm in 
stating that they do not believe anything is wrong with the tank and 
they will not take any further action.

I want everyone on the list to know that I purchased the tank from 
reefgeek.com, and Greg (the owner) has been very understanding and 
helpful. It is a very small operation, and he's just getting on his feet 
as a shop. I can assure you that he is honest and operates with 
integrity. I have already told him that I do not want to do anything 
which will cause him any financial hardship. He is currently checking to 
see what Clear for Life's policy is about returns from merchants. It 
will be interesting to see if they hang their distributors out to dry on 

Jerry Baker
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