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Re: [APD] venturis

I just wanted to point out that the Kent venturi is an
especially tough bugger to apply to standard planted take
equipment. When faced with a constriction like the Kent
Venturi -- I think it closes down to like a 1/4" ID or so
-- the low pressure pumps that most of us operate just roll
over and whimper. 


--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Scott, I specilifically made the point about a trade off
> between this method using a venturi.
> That is also the similar type of trade off with marine
> weeds+ refugium and using a big olod skimmer(Downdraft,
> venturi what have you etc).
> But...............
> Of course............
> I tinker and have a solution to that issue as well that
> should work with any canister flow rate out(80gph or so).
> The solution is pre existing also.
> I'm just reapplying it in a different place and it's DIY
> and should cost no more than a few $(less than the Kent.
> less than 10$........the cost for a DIY external
> reactor). I like being so cheap and still having my cake
> and eat it too.
> It can also be added to an existing DIY external reactor.
> A very simple way to purge the reactor chambers as well.
> Virtually no head pressure loss but still good misting. 
> Still, these items need tried for practical application.
> You just have to try it and see if it works. So far I've
> found a number of methods that do.

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