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Re: [APD] Speaking of Journals and Written stuff

Speaking of Baloney and Aquatic Gardening Jouranls.
I also keep a reef tank and actually did that before planted tanks. And a number of years back I bought this book called The Reef Aquarium Vol.1 by J.C. Delbeek and J. Sprung and I tell you. Pretty much never in my life other than GARF have I ever found a book closely resembling anything like this for Planted Tanks. I mean this book to me is the definitive bible, and I've looked through and for a lot of books on both subjects. I mean theres good Planted books but nothing close to Sprung and Delbeek's work on Reefs and I think the planted book may not be quite as thick, but there is certainly enough info and ideas for something similar. And thats what I'd like to see. Thats my upcoming Christmas wish, that someone write that book and give it to me as a gift or show me where i can get it. You'd think Amano would have a book like this.

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