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Re: [APD] New notes on CO2 misting methods

On 9/26/05, urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:
> you know i've got these little white disposable bubbler stones. they are
> more like plastic, but they give pretty fine bubbles.

"Fine" is a judgement call.  I have ceramic bubblers (Rena) that give
much finer bubbles than the disposable bubblers -- having both I've
made the comparison.  I use a large size (large as in terms of length
not pore size) ceramic bubbler for CO2.  The bubbles from the ceramic
stone are much larger than those that are produced by sintered glass.
The bubbles are much smaller than those from disposable bubblers.

I'm not convinced that the "mist" produced by sintered glass or other
means makes a big difference as these means also produce a higher
concentration of CO2 in water. At the same time, I won't dismiss the
possibility that CO2 adhering to underwater leaves results in quicker
plant growth.  What I am certain of is that sufficient CO2 levels,
that may be obtained by various means, inimizes algae growth.

One of these days I'll pick up a limewood bubbler for comparison if no
one beats me to it and posts the results here.


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