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Re: [APD] DIY vs Gas tank CO2

oh I know Tom... I really do...
It's just more than I can dish out right now, so I'm in that phase of 
the next best thing you know. i'm sure people are shaking their heads, 
but I figure the guy who first tried DIY must have gotten the same 
reaction. At this junction it really is my only choice. I'm trying to 
save and buy used bits and pieces here and there and someday I'll be on 
the other end of it I'm sure. But until then I would like to better my 
spot in the co2 world anyway I can.

believe me i am converted, but i'm a few alms short at the collection 
plate you know.

Thomas Barr wrote:

>I'll tell you a little story about CO2.
>I used DIY, being hard headed, stubborn, just for the challenge after awhile for 10 years on my tanks at home. I knew I'd like Canned CO2, I had several client's tanks I set up and /or maintained that had nice systems.
>All the bells and whistles.
>I just got back from Ohio and seeing a number of folks that just got hooked and all doped up on canned CO2.
>Now I'll tell you what I think, and what they all, and I mean every single one of them told me:
>"It's the best thing I've ever done. I should have done this a long time ago"
>Given the other fact, about 95% of all algae issues are CO2 related, this really is a good idea not to be stubborn about. The cost is truly not as much as many feel relative to other things. The gain is definitely worth it.
>Now I would not lie to you, I've been on both sides of this issue(as well as a proponent of non CO2), but if you want to try out DIY to see what CO2 can do, super. If all you have is a 20 gal or less, then it's reasonable, but if you have a 55 or more than a few tanks etc, do the canned CO2.
>This is very good advice.
>Tom Barr
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