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Re: [APD] After the hurricane

Billionzz at aol_com wrote:
> Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions on how to prepare my tank for a  
> power loss due to the hurricane. 
> The fish came out fine I turned everything off and only ran power heads on  
> the tanks so there would be circulation when the power was on, plus I added  
> extra prime.

It's good to hear that everything turned out alright. I'm happy for you 
and your fishes.

> Should I just run water thru and over the filter media or should I take it  
> all apart and clean everything? What about the sump, would running water over  
> the bio balls and rinsing out the sponge be enough?

If the filters have sat for a few days with water in them, I would at 
least run them with the output going down the drain for a minute or two. 
Cleaning them with some tank water would probably be the safer bet 
though. It would sure be terrible to have the fish weather the hurricane 
just to have a problem when the filters are turned back on.

Good luck!

Jerry Baker
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