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[APD] After the hurricane

Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions on how to prepare my tank for a  
power loss due to the hurricane. 
The fish came out fine I turned everything off and only ran power heads on  
the tanks so there would be circulation when the power was on, plus I added  
extra prime.
I have done a 80% water change and I am getting ready to start my sump,  
canister filters and hang on back filters.
Usually I just run water thru these filter the start them back up but for  
the last 6 months I have been keeping discus and I want to make sure I do it  
right. All I here is that discus are difficult but I have yet to experience and  
problems with them and I hope to keep it that way.
Should I just run water thru and over the filter media or should I take it  
all apart and clean everything? What about the sump, would running water over  
the bio balls and rinsing out the sponge be enough?
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