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Re: [APD] Chain petstores

I happen to live in southeastern PA and we have a significant number of pet  
stores here, not to mention nearby in NJ.  I have been to many of  them.  The 
quality of the store is HIGHLY dependent on the  management.  In one case, the 
local -------chain store had a fish manager  who was not only highly 
knowledgeable about both freshwater and marine fish, but  also personable and 
friendly.  She made sure as much as she could that  incoming stock was treated 
properly and didn't contaminate existing stock.   The fish were healthy and kept that 
way. The same chain store down the road was  in no way comparable. (both 
obtain stock from the same supplier)   Unfortunately, she left to raise her own 
family, and the store became as poor if  not poorer than the other one, just 
because of the change in managers.
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