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Re: [APD] Topfin Brand

At 09:07 AM 26/09/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>Liz Wilhite wrote:
>>  Yesterday. The local PetSmart is staffed by people who keep tanks and have
>> kept them for years. In fact, a couple of guys just started a fish
>> import-eport business and are on their way to opening a LFS. While I support
>> one LFS here, I'd go to PetSmart in a heartbeat over the other 2.
>Do you live in that town on the Walgreen's commercials? All I ever get 
>when I ask a question like, "what kind of metal halide is that over your 
>plant tank?" is, "it's black metal ... steel probably." (referring to 
>the pendant).
>I am surprised that there are employees who have managed to save enough 
>of their $6 to open a LFS. I couldn't do that and I make as much as 
>several of them.


Same deal here. The local "SuperPet" (A Canadian chain)
Has a guy that's one of those rare super enthusiastic
and knowledgable guys you run into, and unusal for
a hardcore fish geek he's quiet and plesant. 

He'll be oponing a store next year and bought a vehicle
for pickups and deliveries. A 10 year old black hearse.

Should be a fun store. 


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