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Re: [APD] Acrylic Tanks - Sunlight Photos

Wright Huntley wrote:
> The pictures are dramatic evidence that one (or both?) surface of the 
> acrylic is badly scratched. [It looks more like 200 grit than 2000, 
> BTW.] Unfortunately, we cannot see which surface is involved. 

Both surfaces are equally scratched. It appears that the acrylic was 
polished prior to assembly. Even the inside of the blue back is 
scratched in the same way. Not that it matters, but just an interesting 
thing to note.

I will be speaking to the manufacturer today. I will let the list know 
what they propose to remedy the situation.

PS - Those sunlight pictures don't do the situation justice. When you 
move your head even slightly while looking at the tank all kinds of 
rainbow patterns and scratch reflections dance around the tank, which is 
much more distracting even than they appear to be in the photos. The 
camera only gives you an idea what it looks like in a static position.

Jerry Baker
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