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[APD] Glass tank manufacturers for Jerry

It may be that acrylic tanks look like this, or maybe not. I have never
noticed it on another tank though. If they cannot or will not fix it,
I'll just get a glass tank. Who makes glass tanks with corner overflows?

Jerry Baker

I use drilled tanks for my planted and discus grow out tanks. I have an
automatic water changing system that drains and fills, and I find the
bulkhead holes handy for the gravity overflow drain. I have experience with
All-Glass and Oceanic Aquariums. I have just set up an All-glass 120 Gallon
Reef Ready planted tank with the internal overflows. This tank is nice (48'
x 24" x 30"). Deep enough for some nice aquascaping possibilities and only 4
feet wide.

I have never purchased an acrylic tank for the reasons you are experiencing.
Glass will scratch, but nowhere near as easily as acrylic. For $1000 you
could get a really nice, large drilled glass tank/top/light/stand.

I've owned many different All-Glass and Oceanic tanks and have never had a

FYI: All-glass and Oceanic are under the same ownership. Kind of like
Oceanic is Cadillac and All-Glass is Buick. Oceanics are thought of as
slightly better quality, but I can see no difference in the way the silicone
is slapped on.

I was told that Top-Fin brand aquariums, sold by PetSmart, are made by
All-Glass under private manufacture to PetSmart.


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