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Re: [APD] removing scratches from an acrylic aquarium

Jerry, check out www.glasscages.com they will do overflows, drill it, 
whatever you want to your <www.glasscages.com>


Jerry Baker wrote:

>urville wrote:
>>I dont know about brand new custom built. but i've bought an eclipse for 
>>a nano reef, and i bought a smaller tank for my daughterslittle african 
>>dwarf frog. both were acrylic and i bought thm locally. And not until 
>>after sometime of use did I ever notice a scratch of any kind and were 
>>talking some very bright lighting over the eclipse.
>>just a FYI. I would immediatley call them and explain the situation and 
>>see what they say and go from there. i also wouldnt mention what you've 
>>already done. just say this is what i found period. then make a 
>>descision on what to do next. personnally for the better part of 1000 
>>and a 50 mile drive, depending on how big this tank is i would say I 
>>shouldnt be able to tell it from glass the first day.
>I'm of that opinion also, and that's exactly what I plan on doing. It 
>was already scratched the instant I took off the plastic wrapping. The 
>polishing didn't make it better or worse, and that's the God's honest 
>truth so I don't feel the need to complicate things by explaining it all 
>to them.
>It may be that acrylic tanks look like this, or maybe not. I have never 
>noticed it on another tank though. If they cannot or will not fix it, 
>I'll just get a glass tank. Who makes glass tanks with corner overflows?
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