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Re: [APD] removing scratches from an acrylic aquarium

ahahaha clear for life... sorry i just thought that was sadly ironic

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Richard J. Sexton wrote:
>>Do all their tanks look like this in the sun?
>I don't know. I can't imagine that they do. This tank required them to 
>order a custom sheet of acrylic, and I'm thinking something may have 
>happened to it. Being fairly familiar with detailing autos, I recognize 
>some things that are common on autos. One thing I noticed on this tank 
>is that there are a couple of places that obviously had deep scratches 
>and they were buffed out. You can see them if you look in just the right 
>light. Not that I care, but it hints at the history of the tank.
>I am not too pleased with the workmanship in general anyway. The lids 
>have little feet to keep them seated in the openings and one lid is 
>missing a foot, and the other lid had one fall off. They also only used 
>3/8" acrylic on a 24" deep tank. That concerns me quite a bit, 
>especially since when I was ordering this tank I told them specifically, 
>"I don't want this tank to bow noticeably. If you need to use thicker 
>acrylic, then go ahead and I'll pay for it." I wouldn't recommend a 
>Clear for Life to a friend.
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