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Re: [APD] Anyone Have Experience With Acrylic Tanks???

I'd ask them for a refund and send it back. Have you already ordered the 
stand and lights?
The circular scratches definitely look like they used something abrasive 
to polish with. They
may disappear when you fill it with water, but algae now has nice little 
crevices to entrench
itself on your front glass, sides, back. :-(     I'll remember this post 
and never ever get an
acrylic tank......nope.


Jerry Baker wrote:

>Jerry Baker wrote:
>>Is this normal for acrylic tanks when they are new? This is not 
>>acceptable. It's not like a few tiny scratches. It literally looks like 
>>the tank was sanded with a 2000-grit sandpaper.
>I was able to take a picture of the scratches. Although they don't look 
>as bad because it's only one little area that I took the picture in.
>Please give me your honest opinion whether they are normal for a brand 
>new tank, or whether it is unacceptable in your opinion.
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