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Re: [APD] Anyone Have Experience With Acrylic Tanks???

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> I think the "scratches" you are 
> seeing are so small they will disappear with water in the tank, and 
> aren't really even scratches, but just imperfect polishing.  Just my 
> opinion, of course.  (Look at how dusty the air in any room is when the 
> sun shines through it.)

That's what scares me. The scratches are on both sides. Where the tank 
sits, a few of the viewing hours will be in direct sunlight, and most of 
the rest of the time the reflection of the window will be pretty 
prominent. The scratches are highly distracting. You can see them from 
across the room (20+ feet). It creates a rainbow effect on the front of 
the tank.

I didn't feel like it was an option to fill the tank with water and hook 
the lights up just to see if they go away. That would make like a lot 
harder in terms of set up time, and in wait time. I would have to wait 
for my lights, and preferably stand, to come in which will still be a 
few weeks. I don't know that the manufacturer would believe me if I 
called in three weeks to say that the tank look like someone cleaned it 

It may be that I have just made a very poor decision when deciding to 
get acrylic. I read and read on the subject, but did not hear anybody 
say anything about them being covered in scratched from day one.

Jerry Baker
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