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Re: [APD] Anyone Have Experience With Acrylic Tanks???

Dave Wilson wrote:
> 3M used to sell a plastic polishing kit called "Finnes it"   That was a few
> years ago when I the kits to polish the inside of Australias largest
> freshwater public aquarium to remove all the scratches on the acrylic caused
> from the pignose turtles and the freshwatwer sawfish.   It took 8 days
> working ten hours a day.   The kits worked well.

I tried a polish by Novus, but that made it worse. These scratches 
aren't like anything caused by a sharp object, it's like what it looks 
like when someone uses a dry brown paper towel to vigorously rub acrylic 
(like a CD), or like the concentric circles of swirls you see in 
automobile paint when you look at it in the sun. The polish did not have 
any effect whatsoever other than to increase the number of these fine 

I'm going to have the manufacturer polish them out. I would expect a 
brand-new acrylic tank to be virtually scratch free. It shouldn't look 
any different than glass when new. I don't even want to think of my 
options if they won't/can't polish it out.

Jerry Baker
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