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[APD] Anyone Have Experience With Acrylic Tanks???

I just picked up my first acrylic tank today and I am already regretting 
the decision to go acrylic. I was so happy to see the custom tank when I 
picked it up. I gave it a cursory inspection and everything looked 
great. I was so happy to finally see the result. I brought it home and 
placed it where I plan to locate the tank. Looks great. Fits even better 
than I thought it would....

Then the sun got lower in the sky and a beam came in through the window 
and hit the tank. To my absolute horror, the entire 6 feet of the front 
of the tank is now covered in spider web scratches. It looks like 
someone sanded the tank with really fine sandpaper. It actually made me 
sick to see it. Especially thinking that I just threw away the better 
part of a thousand dollars for this, and spent the last two hours 
driving over 50 miles away to pick it up.

Is this normal for acrylic tanks when they are new? This is not 
acceptable. It's not like a few tiny scratches. It literally looks like 
the tank was sanded with a 2000-grit sandpaper.

Jerry Baker
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