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Re: [APD] CO2 in the mist

I get lost in this point, please help me. I have the CO2 line into a Fluval 
403 input. From time to time it cavitates and big bubbles appears in the 
output when solenoid in on. Apart from this and the inefficient method 
comparing to a sintered glass diffuser, What would be the difference in the 
ppm over the tank?.


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>Subject: Re: [APD] CO2 in the mist
>Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 20:35:57 -0600
>i tried it. but i use diy and control is impossible and i went around 79
>ppm this way. the only thing i can think is to let it peter out more and
>then hook it up. of course if your using pressurized i bet it works
>great. i have beent old by APC members that fluvals work well , but that
>some other canisters can let it collect too much and it will cause the
>impeller to run dry if the canister isnt designed a certain way. just a
>heads up
>Terry Barber wrote:
> >I am giving some thought to trying this as well.  I have read other's 
> >who don't like the method.  Anybody else do this?
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