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Re: [APD] O2 regulator on CO2

The CO2 regulators I saw came in different shapes, according to the rate 
flow. For low rates it looks similar to a O2 regulator, (sometimes with a 
caudal meter), but the coupling nut must be different avoiding accidental  
connections to thew wrong gas. For high flow rates I saw equipment with a 
heater to avoid freezing the regulator. In local market best prices are 
found in welding suppliers. O2 is corrosive, CO2 is inert.


>From: Phillip Grobler <pfgrobler at gmail_com>
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>Subject: [APD] O2 regulator on CO2
>Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 15:26:41 +0200
>Is there any good reason not to use a O2 regulator on a CO2 cylinder ? I
>live is South Africa and CO2 regulators are +- $150 where as I can get
>O2 regulators for +- $60
>As I understand it O2 is at higher pressure, and more corrosive than CO2
>and as such the  regulator should be fine ? The only reasoning  I can
>see not to use a O2 regulator is that the CO2 cools quite rapidly if the
>regulator is opened fully and that might cause a problem if the
>regulator gets  to cold.
>Any one that is more knowledgeable know why I shouldn't
>Phillip Grobler
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