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Re: [APD] Diffusors

At 22:19 9/23/2005, urville wrote:
>doctorsfostersmith has a nice glass diffuser for about 19   ian

Actually, it's $19.99+$7.99 shipping, $28 close enough vs.  $30 for 
an Eheim postpaid which includes a bubble counter and suction 
cup.  And less fragile.   So it is not so much cheaper than an Eheim 
as you might think.

Remember if you use multiple diffusors in different tanks, you will 
need some kind of trimmers to ensure proper balance of flow.   We 
sell the high-quality Fabco needle valves, which are kind of overkill 
for this purpose.  If you buy 6 combinations (diffusors and 
needle-valves) they are less than $34 each, complete.

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco    NE5EE       gomberg1 at  wcf dot com
http://www.wcf.com/co2iron for low cost CO2 systems that work!
500th System Sale: 6 Fabco needle valves and 6 Eheim diffusors
  Regularly $300 postpaid, now $200 postpaid   Gas those other tanks!

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