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Re: [APD] CO2 too high with DIY and filters

i finally got to see that. i wanted to ask you the venturi runs from the 
side up to the input. on the diagram which looks a bit different than 
the pictures you have the  venturi above the hole for the excess gas. so 
the venturi just rehash's the gas? and the burp is just in case the 
bubble gets too big for the venturi to handle it all? also in the 
diagram  i notice it looks like you used the right degree angle  
attachment, like a rio or it is a rio? any reason for that?
finally it doesnt seem to me that the ridged tubing used for the co2 
input would make fine bubbles without a very powerful flow, how powerful 
is that Powerhead?

also when in the tank i notice you have it pointing down and that there 
is the black downtube adapter on the powerhead. am i right? how do you 
clean the water intake?

Thomas Barr wrote:

>>i tried it. but i use diy and control is impossible and i went around 79 
>>ppm this way. the only thing i can think is to let it peter out more and 
>>then hook it up. of course if your using pressurized i bet it works 
>>great. i have beent old by APC members that fluvals work well , but that 
>>some other canisters can let it collect too much and it will cause the 
>>impeller to run dry if the canister isnt designed a certain way. just a 
>>heads up
>Me too about 12 years ago, so that is why I did come up with the CO2 reactor for the DIY yeast method. It makes the most out of the CO2 you have. The venturi was an after thought, added since I had no plug for the powerhead.
>The burp hole can also regulate the bubble chamber size to what ever user selected height desired.
>In this manner, you stabilize the CO2 and you also plug the powerhead into the light timer to prevent excess at night.
>The internal design I have on the site is very effective for DIY users(I was one for 10 years).
>Tom Barr
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