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Re: [APD] Super thrive

Dang, you let the cat out of the bag.
Now my secret is busted.
I have no real dosing recommendation and have tried a few things and discussed it with my friend Dr Kane at UF, one of the few folks that has used hormones on aquatic plant culture(He specializes in Tissue Culture (TC) of aquatic plants). You might get a little more response initially, significant in terms of vegetative growth?
None I could see.
Sounds nice and fuzzy though.
But he and I as well found more flowers in emergent Crypts with one application, adding more did not do anything observable.
While Azoo, ADA sell these, I doubt they are of use for us. If you can prove they work well/better than a control for aquariums, I'd like to see it.
I've never seen anything, anyway, ST is much cheaper and widely available vs the Azoo stuff.
I've tried rooting hormone of some plants after trimming and replanting the tops.
I did a dip and then I also tried whole tank treatments.
Blah...save yer dough.
I added 1ml of ST weekly to 80 liters.
It's cheap at least. 
Tom Barr

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