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Re: [APD] CO2 in the mist

Thomas Barr wrote:
> 1. Adding CO2 mist reduces the distances(minor/not significant)
> 2. Gas vs a liquid. Clearly the gas can move faster (large factor) 
> 3. Increases the concentration (probably the main factor).

One thing that may be a sub-factor of #3, is that a bubble would be able 
to penetrate the Prandtl boundary.

I am not attempting to be confrontational when I say that I am still 
doubtful of CO2 availability being the causative agent here. My 
understanding is that 30ppm is enough to saturate photosynthesis in 
aquatic plants. If that is the case, no amount of CO2 above saturation 
will increase O2 production. That doesn't explain why you see better 
plant growth using this method though.

I still would like to seek input from the list concerning methodologies 
that might be employed to uncover what is going on here in a definitive 
way. Perhaps we can discover a way to achieve the same effect without 
bubbles, or maybe not, depending on the cause.

Jerry Baker
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