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Re: [APD] CO2 in the mist

I think folks have a good idea of why they might get a good growth based on this concept of gas vs dissolved CO2. It seems that the gas can start maximizing the growth and thus O2 production, much faster than the dissolved CO2.
The flux of the gas, as well as the concentration, and response time is faster.
So plants can be driven as fast as the light/nutrients will allow. All that's limiting are light and plant's own enzymes. 
We have speculated about the waste being a bad thing for many years, decades even.
But is the waste really that bad?
It does not appear so.
You can do this without producing current all over the tank also, the region near the burping, gas bubbles always has better growth than anywhere else.
So if you work on getting good distribution and flow patterns(something I've discussed a few times in the past), as well as even micro bubbles(not the big truly wasteful ones that fly up to the surface asap), the effect can be maximized.
Even a little section of the tank can be maximized using this concept, it need not be the entire tank.
So it's flexible as well.
The concept that pure gas bubbles(99.9% for Jerry's gas, 99.96% for my CO2) can supply the plant with more effective CO2 than dissolving it is a radical notion.
So try it and see what you think.
Then you'll know.
Try to improve the bubble distribution.
Then see what you think.
For larger tanks, try 2 or more diffusers/venturi's.
Tom Barr

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