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Re: [APD] CO2 purity

Jumping into where only fools may dare................can you see with your
eye the difference in the size of a swirling bubble that has 0.03%
inerts/non-CO2 vs. 0.001% inert/non-CO2?  I wouldn't try.

Perhaps what you are implying is that 100.000% (since we somewhere decided
that we are that precise) of the CO2 in the bubble is dissolved in the water
column at some point?.....so that you aren't seeing bubbles that have CO2
but other gas?  I am just trying to pin down exactly what you are saying.

I proposed to Tom that he consider using an extremely efficient diffusion
device that will highly saturate the water with CO2 - but no bubbles and
make the comparison that way.  This may actually tell more about whether the
presence of bubbles actually does something more.

I can imagine that the bubbles are providing very high CO2 levels at the
leaf surface where they may touch (do plants have specialized cells on their
surface that may just suck that CO2 right up? - I don't know...need to look
it up)....or that there is a very CO2 enriched water region around the
outside of the bubble that they similarly enjoy.

So perhaps we need to not discuss gas purity and measurement methods (I
personally don't want to drag out a go for it).....but come up with another
test that can tease out what may be going on here.  Certainly it's not a
character issue.

What do you think?

Terry Barber

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