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Re: [APD] CO2 purity

Thomas Barr wrote:
> I know the purity of the gas I use. I know John who owns the place and asked. Others have investigated it out of curiosity over the years. Look it up on the APD and other forum archives. 

I'm happy for you.

> About 99.97% pure.

That's not the information I got. 

> So you mean to tell me that the difference of 0.03% vs 0.001% and you can see this as being an issue with respect to CO2 for plants and bubble size/depletion?

Assuming that the food-grade you have is actually 99.7%, no I wouldn't 
argue that, but don't let that stop you.

> Our test kits, meters cannot possibly even measure such purities differences in CO2 levels.
> There are ways to measure this, but not as a hobbyist. Even then, I'd not expect to find a significant difference in terms of dissolving rates. Does such precision make or break a method and routine for keeping weeds? How much precision do you need to see if it's significant?

What on Earth are you blathering about? What does this have to do with 
testing whether the bubbles swirling around your tank are CO2 or not?

> So we've gone a round with light, now CO2, so are nutrients next?

I don't know. Through out another theory that is backed up only by 
anecdotal evidence and wild speculation and that will be the subject.

Jerry Baker
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