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Re: [APD] what color is water in a white bucket?

On 9/23/05, David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net> wrote:

If you care about all that stuff, all the power to you. I'm glad I don't.
pH, KH, and GH are the only three chemical parameters I worry about on a
regular basis in my planted tanks. Set the pH controller, calibrate it
regularly, stick the CO2 line into the cannister filter and let it go.
 I'm a chemist. I don't measure anything anymore. I used to measure
everything but found out it doesn't matter. Have very complete records up
through 6 weeks ago. Could give a Flying French Kangaroo if I ever run
another chemical test.
 If plant growth slows down I remember that I forgot to add nutrients. If
some sort of algae pops up -- it doesn't if I add nutrients unless something
in the tank has changed (such as removing 42 1.5" long kribs) -- I check one
of Barr's posts on algae and increase whatever is lacking.
 But I really enjoyed the color of water in a white bucket thread.
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