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Re: [APD] H2O2

well all i have to go on is other users testaments. and thats where alot of people have told me it works both on the board and in pm. add a capful of h202 they say, it worked wonders for me in no time and my plants lived.
thats thing i notice. all this science we do and some poeple still manage to pull off things that previously was said wasnt possible.

but thats the thing, it may only work for them.

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Are all DOC's bad? Is a water change tough? Doesn't activated carbon remove DOC's?
Doesn't high levels of oxidation preciptate out many reduced compounds?
I question whether DOC is bad. If it is overloaded in a tank, then yes, but a balanced rate of DOC production with an output is a good thing I would argue.
When you amp the growth rate, then you need to find other forms of export since you outstrpi the bacterial reminerialization rate.
 H2O2 might work a little, but heck, just do a water change, it has many other things that will help maintain the tank better. 
I think we have plenty of tools available that are not as potentially harmful to live stock and non targets at removal of and control of DOC's than of H2O2. Otherwise it's just an algae spot treatment. 
This has been discussed for use in our tanks several times here on the APD as well as many other forums. 16ppm sounds nice, does it kill algae? Does that level presist long enough to do anything to DOC level? Does it kill plants?
Tom Barr
Richard J. Sexton wrote:
>> You have an algae problem?

>No. I am interested in peroxide's ability to clean water of dissolved 
>organics in some situations.

>There is some research that shows that H2O2 around 16ppm does not kill 
>bacteria in biofilms.
>Jerry Baker

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