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Re: [APD] H2O2

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Are all DOC's bad? Is a water change tough?

Depends on your situation. If you're moving fish in a Rubbermaid 
container (one example), maybe it is that tough.

>  Doesn't activated carbon remove DOC's?

You bet. It also removes iron and other trace metals. It might be 
impractical to use carbon in a particular situation. One liter of H2O2 
can be had for about $1. That will get you enough to treat a few 
thousand gallons at 16ppm.

> Doesn't high levels of oxidation preciptate out many reduced compounds?

All of them that it comes in contact with as far as I know.

> I question whether DOC is bad. If it is overloaded in a tank, then yes, but a balanced rate of DOC production with an output is a good thing I would argue.

It's only good in the sense that it is an indicator that biological 
processes are taking place. I don't think DOCs are good or bad in low 
concentrations. They are just indicators of bioload.

If it weren't bad, no one would filter them out. There's a reason carbon 
is used a lot, and a reason why we have to change so much water when not 
using carbon.

> This has been discussed for use in our tanks several times here on the APD as well as many other forums. 16ppm sounds nice, does it kill algae? Does that level presist long enough to do anything to DOC level? Does it kill plants?

it does not kill plants, fish, or snails. I have added that level of 
H2O2 for weeks on end with no observable ill effects.

Jerry Baker
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