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Re: [APD] Wicked man

> wow, more like 210-220 for all that here. i cant even find 
> needle valves locally. we only have one canister supplier 
> airgas they are called. only one who sells the canisters 
> in town that i can find

Have you tried the local restaurant supply places?  There's 
a good chance that somewhere in your town is a business that 
caters to the local eateries that have the soda 
dispensers/fountain drinks.  

The place I get my CO2 is "Carbonic Service Inc".  They're 
basicically an all Coca-Cola shop, they sell the syrups in 
bulk as well as CO2 for carbonating the water.  They charge 
$7-something for a 5# tank refill "while-u-wait", which is 
nearly half of what they charge right across the street at 
Praxair. And it's going to be food grade instead of welding 
grade CO2 to boot!  They sell used (And maybe new?) 
canisters in many sizes.

I am not sure if a place like this would sell quality 
regulators (And definately not needle valves) but at least 
it might be a good place to start for getting the heavy 
stuff locally.

Another place that might have tanks and regulators - Check 
to see if there is a homebrew beer supply shop in town.  
There is one down the street from me - they have a small 
selection of tanks and regulators, though they don't do 
refills on site.

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