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Re: [APD] high O2 levels does promote free radical formation

Thomas Barr wrote:
>>O2 isn't going to do anything, as you discovered. You need the free O- 
> High oxidation levels does promote radical formation. High DO levels promotes photorespiration which produces H2O2.

And how do you propose to quantify the level of radical formation unless 
you add them directly? I can't see how you can draw any useful 
conclusions without being able to quantify that which you are trying to 

I find it somewhat humorous that you lecture about how things as fluid 
as light levels make it impossible to draw any useful conclusions about 
it, but in the next post you claim that because algae continued to grow 
in a tank that had an unquantified and unmeasured amount of oxygen 
radicals you now have proof that oxygen radicals have no usefulness in 
the aquarium for controlling algae.

Jerry Baker
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