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Re: [APD] Wicked man

> yeah you know whats really crappy about that is that it's not 
> a new tank either. it's some old tank they have sitting 
> outside. he showed them to me and i was like HAH, if shipping 
> didnt end up costing me the same thing i would so not buy 
> here. but then i didnt anyway cause thats just ridiculous. i 
> might try to see if the local fire extinguisher place happens 
> to retro those into gas tanks like some places apparently do. 
> i imagine its much cheaper.
> ian

When it comes to buying a tank, they are all old.  If you pay more for a
"new" tank, you are a fool.  When you get a refill, they don't actually
refill your tank, they swap it for a full one.  Just like propane at the
gas station.

Nicholas Wise
Asset Information 
LG&E Energy

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