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Re: [APD] Wicked man

urville wrote:
> You know in my tank the bubble has to come out a be pretty darn small to begin with and it will still travel from the right back corner across the tank down the left wall and across almost the entire tank again before it will disappear. and thats if i dont lose it first

As the bubble gets smaller, the surface to volume ratio increases. That 
should increase the rate of dissolution for the CO2. That you can watch 
a large bubble shrink to easily 1/4 its original size just bubbling 
straight up in 18" of water leads me to believe that tiny bubbles, if 
they are pure CO2, should not persist long at all. I do believe that 
most CO2 sources (welding, medical, beverage, etc.) contains relatively 
large amounts of other gases like NO2 and O2. These would be slow to 
dissolve when compared to CO2.

I tried locating a source of five-nines pure CO2 (99.999%), but it was 
over $200 for 5lbs. Maybe I'll see if I can get something in the 99.5+% 
range for a reasonable price. That should allow me to test this theory.

Jerry Baker
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