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Re: [APD] Peroxidase/peroxide

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Jerry, a number of green algae have peroxidase/peroxisomes and others have peroxidase/peroxisome like mechanisms. A russian researcher did quite a bit of work on this is terms of algae evolution. You'l;l need to learn Russian or have a Russian speaker translate it for you.
> You cano add pure O2 to an algae culture and see the response(I've done this a number of times to my tanks), then add a messier culture of lake water etc, or some weeds with periphyton covering them to see how it responses to high O2 levels, then try high amibent O2, CO2, then try high O2 and CO2, then try just high CO2.

O2 isn't going to do anything, as you discovered. You need the free O- 

Jerry Baker
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