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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 25, Issue 76

Hi Scott,

> for me the issue is getting the co2 bubbles all over all
> the plants 
> across the entire tank without having gigantic nasty
> looking reactors 
> taking up space.
> it's not a disbelief but rather a "style" issue

I make 4"x2" DIY venturi reactors which "bubblize" the tank with a spray bar(also adjusted to be verticle, thus hidden, like the intake for the filter as well), this reactors are clear except for the top and power head.
About 2" x1.5" round.
Not that big.
Disc are smaller, but need cleaned more often to be used consistently.
I'd like to see some small flat on the gravel stones like Aquaticeco's versions except 1/4 or 1/2 that size for CO2.
Tom Barr 


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