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[APD] Cape Cod Trip

I just returned from a few days at Cape Cod, in MA.  It was a nice time,
even though the Red Sox lost 3 games out of 4 and the stock market fell by
200 points.

We visited Woods Hole, the home of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
and related organizations.  We thought that there might be some interesting
things to see, but almost all of the building are off limits to visitors.

There is an aquarium there but it was closed.  The entrance way was being
painted, and apparently that is the only way in or out, at least for
visitors.  I suggest calling ahead before making a trip to visit it.

There is a small but interesting visitors center in another part of the
small town.  It contains a number of exhibits, including one that showed how
the local bay was being harmed by the flow of nitrogenous wastes into it.
That didn't sound 100 percent accurate to me, but the people there weren't
the ones to talk to about it.

We also visited the Audubon Preserve on Wellfleet Bay.
Their visitors center had several aquariums with eel grass and some of the
local brackish water fish species.  The lighting was quite dim and I asked
the counter person how the plants could grow there.  She replied, in a low
voice, "They are plastic, but they look nice when they're covered with

There are a number of trails at the Preserve that pass near fresh and salt
water marshes and other environments.  Very interesting.  Recommended at any
season of the year.

We visited a number of other seaside and bayside places, most reachable only
by low-lying dirt roads.  At one place, after exploring for about 2 hours,
we returned to see the car sitting in six inches of water.  The tide was
coming in, and the road out was submerged!
I drove it to higher ground, and we were marooned for a few hours.  It
wasn't the worse place in the world to be marooned.


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