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Re: [APD] CO2 in the mist (Thomas Barr)

> From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com>
> Subject: [APD] CO2 in the mist
> To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

> > If you have a better idea about why this would be causing this, I'm all

Well, since you asked :)
First off I like your methods very much (they work extremely well for my
tanks). In fact my tank did'nt really take off until I built your reactor
(no venturi for me only the o2 purge, it works fine BTW). Before the reactor
I used to have an internal powerhead/filter with the co2 tube at the intake,
this thing used to spurt out micro bubbles by the millions and I must say
that since I stopped using it and switched to your reactor things have been
much better! So from experience I must say that I do not know how you can be
arriving at these new found conclusions.

By blowing micro bubbles at the plants so that they build up under the
leaves the plant is better able to take in the gas as its much more
accessible, is this what you're saying? Makes sense for sure. But is'nt this
defeating the purpose of having *submerged* growth. Adding co2 till a ppm of
30 and then blowing micro bubbles of co2 all over the plants on top of that
makes me think that we are fooling our plants into making them believe they
are growing in emersed conditions. Perhaps another mechanism is triggered
where the plant goes into 'emersed' mode and then the problem switches over
to a lack of o2 instead of co2. Does that make any sense at all?

> But the best solution to the answer yet is pure CO2 gas hitting the plants
directly vs dissolved CO2 in a thick visicous H2O solution.
> 100% dissolving ability might not be the best solution for practical

I beg to differ. I think its great if its coupled with a very strong

> That __is__ a revelation.
> I have assumed this to be true. That may be a poor assumption.
> Simply getting the gas to the plants directly in gas form might be the
best approach.

If it is then are we all better off going with a Paludarium type setup and j
ust ditching all our co2 equipment? Seems like alot less hassle for sure.
Its just that the plants, fish and tank in general look so crisp and healthy
when you're pushing things to the limit with light/co2. Diana Walstad tanks
just don't do it for me, they're too 'slow & dirty' :)

> I know many folks have seen and observed their plants near the CO2 reactor
outflow and neat the disc, plants always pearl better there.
> Now why not the entire tank?

A solution would be to cut narrow slits in your reactor near the bottom so
that the micro bubbles have a better chance of escape, then just add another
powerhead at the opposite end of the tank for improved circulation.

> Time to go kill some weeds:-)

You wicked, wicked man. :)

Kindest Regards

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