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Re: [APD] anyone need blue/actinic 55w pc lamps?

David Grim wrote:
> I used to have my reef aquarium in a front bay window on the first floor of
> my house. The 20K halides and the blue actinic lights made for a funky
> looking glow around the blinds, which were usually drawn. They reminded me
> of grow lights sold for home hydroponics of plants of questionable legality,
> so once every week or so I would leave the blinds in my fish room open at
> night so my neighbors could see that I had aquariums in there and was
> cultivating Acropora instead of something else.

Funny how fish-heads recognize that light. When I go on my nightly 
walks, there is one house that has the familiar blue glow coming from 
behind the curtains. I tell my friend that there's a saltwater tank in 
there, but he doesn't believe I could know that just because of some 
blue light. Actinic bulb color is very distinctive once you've become 
familiar with it.

Jerry Baker
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