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Re: [APD] anyone need blue/actinic 55w pc lamps?

On 9/22/05, David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> I used to have my reef aquarium in a front bay window on the first floor
> of
> my house. The 20K halides and the blue actinic lights made for a funky
> looking glow around the blinds, which were usually drawn. They reminded me
> of grow lights sold for home hydroponics of plants of questionable
> legality,
> so once every week or so I would leave the blinds in my fish room open at
> night so my neighbors could see that I had aquariums in there and was
> cultivating Acropora instead of something else.

 I know a married couple who got raided because of the lights they had
ordered and their high electric bill. These were botany graduate students
who ran out of room in the lab and were growing plants as part of their Ph.D.
work at home. The feds were shocked to discover a basement full of tomato
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