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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 25, Issue 72

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Acetic acid is what we have used to kill plant tubers, you can kill your fish with common house hold stuff also, I'd suggest the same caution as you would take with H2O2, another house hold item that has killed a few fish in planted tanks not too long ago.

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent oxidizer that is safe for fish and 
biofilms in very low concentrations (~16ppm). The only problem I ran 
into with it was that it would oxidize the iron in the water column and 
create a slight whitish haze. It is probably totally unnecessary in an 
aquarium unless you have good reason to believe that there are a great 
deal of dissolved organics that cannot be removed by carbon or a water 
change for whatever reason.

Jerry Baker
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