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Re: [APD] adding VINEGAR

On 9/22/05, Richard J. Sexton <richard at aquaria_net> wrote:
> At 08:38 AM 23/09/2005 +0530, you wrote:
> >Before some time, there was an idea suggested of adding vinegar to
> >aquarium water,
> >in order to help reduce algae, or ? as a source of co2.
> >
> >How does it work?
> Somebody a while back thought their plant growth was being
> hindered by the extremely hard water they were using. So,
> they used vinegar to knock the pH down to 7 and apparantly
> got better plant growth.
> I have very hard water too and don't seem to need it.

 That's probably because pH and GH are not related.
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