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Re: [APD] adding VINEGAR

>I wonder what would happen if you got a small polyethylene (Nalgene) 
>bottle, poked holes in it, filled it with marble chips or crushed coral, 
>and dropped it into a larger container with a dilute hydrochloric acid 
>solution? The number and size of the holes along with the strength of 
>the solution would dictate the rate of the reaction. I would wear some 
>good lab gloves when working with the setup though.

J.J. Scheel used to do this back in the 50s and
60s. He wrote about it very briefly in _Rivulins
of The Old World_.

There's a reason you don't hear about it being used much. You
think a DIY yeast spill is bad? 

no cats were gassed in the growing of these plants.


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