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Re: [APD] CO2 revelations

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Jerry Baker wrote:
>>Keep in mind that CO3 form two bicarbonate ions in water and tests 
>>measure CaCO3 equivalents, so you need twice the NaHCO3.
>After re-reading this, it sounds confusing. I should have said that 
>since carbonate anions are divalent, and bicarbonate ions are univalent, 
>it takes two bicarbonate ions to equal the buffering capacity of one 
>carbonate anion. That means that you have to add two molecules of NaHCO3 
>to equal the alkalinity of one molecule of CaCO3.
>LOL. That doesn't sound any better I suppose. I quit. ;)
*shrug* It checks out in the lab (aka kitchen).

- C.
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