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Re: [APD] adding VINEGAR

urville wrote:
> acetic acid is also a reagent used to test no2, but it contains dyes as 
> well.
> you can mix vinegar and baking soda to make co2.
> over at apc we're dicussing how using the same principle as a acid 
> bioassay test you can make co2. pouring muriatic acid (hydrochloric) on 
> limestone makes it fizz, that fizz is co2. in fact they sell it as the 
> Zeomax co2 for aquariums mostly in germany. if you control the rate at 
> which they interact you can make a much longer lasting solution than DIY 
> yeast.

I wonder what would happen if you got a small polyethylene (Nalgene) 
bottle, poked holes in it, filled it with marble chips or crushed coral, 
and dropped it into a larger container with a dilute hydrochloric acid 
solution? The number and size of the holes along with the strength of 
the solution would dictate the rate of the reaction. I would wear some 
good lab gloves when working with the setup though.

Jerry Baker
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