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Re: [APD] CO2 revelations

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Chris Hotte wrote:
>>Now, I know this is likely a loaded question, by why are the atomic 
>>weights divided against each other in order to obtain a difference? 
>>Smells like exponential math to me.
>Because you need to get a ratio to calculate how much of a compound you 
>need in order to have a specific amount of one constituent. If you had a 
>mixture of sugar and cinnamon that weighed 10 oz., and someone asked you 
>how much of this they would have to put on their toast in order to have 
>1 oz. of sugar you would have to do the same math. Does that help?
Yup, simple ratio. OK. I guess I just didn't see it.

Good news on the KH test. My refrence solution reads out 10 dKH with the 
Aquairum Pharmeceuticals kit and 7 dKH with Hagen kit. Same amount of 
shift, regardless of scale.  So in refrence to NaHC03, the AP kit is 
accurate while the Hagen kit is not, yet strangely remains offset by 3 dKH.

Unfortunately I've been using NaHC03 for KH adjustment and using the 
Hagen kit to measure to 5 dKH, and actually having 8 dKH all this time. 
This means more actual CO2 than previously read. Then again, my fish 
have never gasped for air. Not even that time I acidentally got over 
130ppm CO2 in the tank.

It makes me think to just adjust the CO2 until the plants begin to pearl 
while the fish remain active.
Which brings me to another point. My plants are beginning to pearl! I've 
not seen them pearl off gas in over a year!

Lights, nutrients and CO2. It really does work. Doh!

- Chris.
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