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Re: [APD] Theory versus Actual

Bill D wrote:
> And I say a hearty "Amen!"  Just because a closely controlled, limited
> variable experiment in a laboratory environment does or does not produce
> a certain result doesn't  necessarily carry forward to the "messier",
> uncontrolled tank of the hobbyist.  We sometimes accept "Well, I never
> had that happen under those conditions" as dogma, and we shouldn't.

One thing confuses me about this generalization. If experimental results 
obtained from carefully controlled laboratory conditions cannot be 
carried forward to the "messier, uncontrolled tank of the hobbyist", it 
is even more certain that results of a similar experiment conducted 
under those "messier, uncontrolled" conditions will be even less 
applicable. That leads to the inevitable conclusion that no experiment 
anywhere has any bearing on anyone else's aquariums. If we do not accept 
that conclusion, we are left with the untenable position that an 
experiment with controlled variables has less relevance than the same 
experiment performed with less control over those same variables. Or, in 
other words, that the less you control for extraneous variables, the 
more applicable and universal are the results of your experiment. That 
seems retarded to me.

Jerry Baker
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